Martial Arts Explosion

The 7th Annual Martial Arts Explosion was held on June 10, 2017 at the Mt. Holly Methodist Church, Rock Hill, South Carolina sponsored by Sensei Darryl Evans and Team ABC. The weather was very nice as the competitors started pouring in to begin competition at this event.  With Arbitrator Hanshi James White and Ring Coordinators Kyoshi Corey Waiters and Sabumnim Donald McCluney everything went smoothly and quickly.    

This year's event included grappling and everyone enjoyed watching these tough boys and girls go for it by either scoring points or making their opponent tap out.   This division produced winners: Andrew Weiszer, Angel Serrano, Morgan Land and Mali Love in the Fly and Light Weight divisions.  The obstacle course winner was: Texas Parker, although Austin Kelly gave him a good run for his money, Parker had the fastest time.

The 6 – 17 year old under-belt traditional/open weapons/kata forms, musicals, sparring and self-defense divisions brought forth 1st place winners: Tucker Hughes, Cameron Caudle, Emma Poulin, Rebecca Aguilar, Addie Miller, Connor Dowling, Anna Pope, Jack Blaney, Clint Nesbitt, Patrick Jones, Jeese Roper, Owyn West, Angel Serrano, Kurin Lewis, Laney Glosson, Michael Smith II, Lenora Parker, Kaliyah Robinson, Jules Drye, Jeremiah Lipscomb, Andrew Miller, Noah Briganan, Caitlyn Burry, Christian Notarangelo, JyTavis Bush, Zyon Duncan, Lauren Haag, Mason Allen, Myka Neely, Texas Parker, Jasiah Holson, Seth Duley, Bobby Boles, Daniel Vincent, Toryean Wilds, Raydon Curry, Wan'ya Ford, James Neely, Sheyla Funderburk, Isabella Wese, Angel Serrano, and Kerin Lewis.  The young adults and Adults under-belt divisions gave ways to winners such as: Frank James, Treyvon Brown, Darrius McRae, Stephine Green, and Jamie Montgomery.

The Jr. Black Belt, Adult Black Belt and Executive Black Belt divisions gave way to these winners: Michael Goodwin, Richie Maddox, Eddie Harvey, Dale Harvey, Danielle Thomas, Malik Green, Darryl Carter, Johnny Blackmon, Phillip Parlner, Roy Hinton, Oksana Wilson, Toby Willis, Safyra Bohn, Timmie Green, Jaivon Williams, and Toni Farmer.
There were many Martial Artists and spectators who were first timers and really enjoyed all the competitions.  Spectators stated they will definitely be coming to more events as they will be making it a family outing. Congratulations to all competitors and Grand Champions.

Grand Champions
Black Belt Kata - Richie Maddox
18+ Black Belt Sparring – Malik Green
Runner-up – Darryl Carter
35+ Executive Black Belt Sparring – Phillip Parlner
Runner-up – Johnny Blackmon

Next Dojo Organization sanctioned event is:
Date: August 5,2017
Event: 3rd Annual East Coast KSDS Tournament
Place: Mt. Pleasant Recreation Center, Greenville, SC
Sanction: A
Promoter: Professor Steve L. Dirton 864-382-6020