Union County Karate Nationals

The 21st Annual Union County Karate Nationals was held on February 10, 2018 although it was at a new location (Central Academy Gym, Monroe, NC) the steady flow of competitors and crowd of spectators was unbelievable. Arbitrator and Ring Coordinator Sabumnim Donald McCluney made sure that all rings were in motion and moving along smoothly.  The judges in each ring also ensured that all competitors were in their proper rings and proceeded with not only fairness but swiftness in completing each division.

The day started with the Kyoshi Corey Waiters thanking everyone for attending and awarding all competitors with an award in recognition of their participation at this event.  The Children’s and Pre-Teen/Teenage under-belt (5-17 years of age) Divisions held many strong and skillful competitors who showed not only their determination to win but also their skills and techniques in katas (traditional/Open), weapons (Traditional/Open) and sparring.  The competition in these division was very fierce and the first place winners in their respective divisions were: Addie Miller, Alexander Mestas, Jack Blaney, Nadya Buchanan, Leland Helms, Jules Drye, Noah Brigman, Caitlyn Burry, Andrew Miller, Mason Allen, Kenneth Gant, Chloe Hinson, Ayden Allen, Jaylen Lightner, Myles Johnson, Seth Duley, Joshua Perez, Releyus Love, Antione Shaw, Jeffery Sanders, Alec Moore, Arianna Patterson, Jenna Jernigan, Emma Poulin, Texas Parker and Alyssa Dickson.  The Adult under-belt traditional/open weapons/kata forms division competitors showed great skills and techniques in their respective division with first place winners being: Jy’Tavis Bush, Frank James, Corey DeLapp, and Edward Burris. The Jr. Black Belt divisions were just as great to watch Timmie Green, Natalle Allen and Makayla Jones won first place in their divisions.  The Adult Black Belt divisions is always worth the wait as they show not only skills and techniques but also preciseness with each strike, kick and punch.  These first place winners were: Wayne Easterling, Malki Green, Clint Moore, Keith Green, Roy Hinton, Courtney Criminger, and Ion Couejo.  The competition for Grand Champion was the most exciting as the first place winners from all divisions competed to become the Grand Champion of the Union County Karate Nationals.  This year Kyoshi Waiters included Grappling among the many divisions which produced these first place winners: Ayden Allen, Leland Helms, Mali Love, Elijah Davis and Brian Scott.  For those not familiar with grappling points are scored by takedowns, throws, submission and escapes to name a few. Anyone who has not seen this done before will get very excited while watching this. 

Although the tournament was held in a different location this year the support of members, competitors, spectators, staff and family made this a great turnout and anticipating for next year.  When you put together a good event with fairness, great competition, good food, and the upmost hospitality you can never go wrong.  HATS OFF to Kyoshi Corey Waiters, his school and staff. Congratulations to all the competitors and winners in your division and look forward to seeing you at the next tournament on February 24, 2018

Grand Champions

Men Black Belt Executive Sparring – Keith Green
Men Black Belt Sparring – Wayne Easterling
Black Belt Kata – Wayne Easterling
Jr. Black Belt Sparring – Timmy Green
Women’s Black Belt Sparring – Courtney Crimminger


Next Scheduled Tournament:

February 24, 2018
38th Annual Mid-Cleveland Karate Championships
Shelby, NC @ Shelby City Park & Recreation
Promoter: Sabumnim Donald McCluney
704-435-1050 or 704-487-1377
Sanction: AAA
E-Mail: dmtkd@bellsouth.net