Union County Karate Nationals

The 20th Annual Union County Karate Nationals was held on February 11, 2017 at the Monroe High School Gym, Monroe, North Carolina.  This event was sponsored by Kyoshi Corey Waiters, Waiters Martial Arts Black Belt Academy.  The weather was very nice as spectators and competitors poured in very early for this event.  While waiting for the tournament to begin competitors warmed up, went through their katas and sparring skills.  Arbitrator Sabumnim Donald McCluney and Ring Coordinator Hanshi James White made sure that the rings ran smoothly and everyone had a good time.

Before competition began, Kyoshi Corey Waiters presented all competitors with 2ft trophies in appreciation for participating in the days event.  The tournament began with Breaking for the 11 year old's and above with Connor Halpin and Carson Halpin competing for first place.  Both showed remarkable skills only Connor Halpin succeeded in taking first place.  The younger competitors 3 – 4 year old's competed in the Flag Sparring and Obstacle Course, these little ones showed their skills in punching, agility,  stamina, kicking and totally enjoyed themselves. During the sparring divisions for the 3 – 5 years old's showed off their techniques with Owen McLeod, and Dagen Lacey winning first place.
In the 6 – 17 year old boys and girls sparring divisions learned forms and spectacular skills provided to be very exciting as Emanuel Morales, Addie Miller, Rodney Brice, Kaliyah Robinson, Jateris Flowers, Jules Drye, Antoine Shaw, Morgan Schmidt, Ja Paul Green, Angel Serano, Troy Robinson, Tyneisha Phillips, Zyon Duncan, and Tianah Miller were among those to receive a first place trophy. The 6 – 17 year old's male and female Weapons and Traditional divisions gave way to competitors demonstrating their skills  in various katas and produced some of the following winners: Cameron Caulde, Emma Paulin, Timothy Notarangelo,  Nadya Buchanan, Jack Blaney,  Kaliyah Robinson, Tyso Coleman, Tymahariah Miller, Logan Roberts, Jesse Roper, Mark Abel, Angel Serrano, Billy Strickland, and Stephen Puvogel.
The Adult Under-belt divisions allowed competitors to demonstrate more precise techniques as Darryl Burr, Sherry Burr, Mohammad Shabazz-Marsh, and Jamal Gasque became first place winners in weapons and forms (traditional and open). In the sparring divisions, Corey De Lapp, Eric Rosales, Quinten Mauny, Jaden Rape, Jamal Gasque, Mohammad Shabazz-Marsh and Sherry Burr ruled the ring.
The Jr. Black Belt and Black Belt divisions showed more precise techniques and sharper skills in their divisions. Denise Watkins, Houston Thomas, Keith Green, Nikara Odom, Keenen Ratcliff, Malik Green, Daniel Miller, Johnny Blackmon, Johnny Witherspoon, Wykenia Tillman, Zachary Hubbard, and Timmie Green placed first in their respective divisions of Kata and weapons (traditional and open) and in sparring. 
Congratulations to all competitors and Grand Champion winners.  The schools who brought the most students were: Hanshi White (Universal Karate Studios) and Professor Pat McDaniel (Karate at the Crossroads).  We had a great time and enjoyed ourselves and will plan to attend next year's event ( 2018). 

Grand Champions

Men's Black Belt Sparring – Malik Green
Men's Executive Black Belt Sparring – Daniel Miller
Jr. Black Belt Sparring – Elijah Reid
Jr. Black Belt Kata – Issac Sain
Black Belt Kata – David Faulkenberry


Next Dojo Organization sanctioned event is:
37th Annual Mid-Cleveland Karate Championships
Saturday, February 25, 2017
Promoter: Mr. Donald L. McCluney
704-487-1377 or 704-435-1050