Winter/Spring Open Karate Championships

The 40th Annual Winter/Spring Festival Open Championships held on Saturday, May 6, 2017 at the Family Ministry Center of First Baptist Church, Gastonia, NC and Burris Academy of Karate Tai Kwon Do – Korean Karate.  Each year Sabumnim Charles Burris and his staff provide everything that would make competitors and spectators feel at home and enjoy themselves throughout the day.  With the assistance of Coordinators and Advisors Kyoshi Corey Waiters and Hanshi James White; Arbitrator Sabumnim Donald McCluney and support from all the Black Belt Judges rings flowed smoothly making this event was a great success.

The day started with the under-belt 6 – 17 years olds divisions in forms and sparring these young ones show off their talents and shows the determination to do their very best.  First place winners in their respective divisions are as follows: Nicholas Fowler, Zachary Fowler, Gage Wright, Timothy Notarangelo, Jayla Oldfield, Addie Miller, Heli Shah, Mary Fish, Mali Love, Jack Blaney, Johana Vargas-Gonzalez, Jules Drye, Chalmers Bankhead IV, Oklyn West, Te'Kaiya Burger, Christopher Spruill, Laney Glosson, Jordan Logan, Lenora Parker, Rowdy Carpenter, Ethan Mewhorter, Andrew Weiszer, Elihu Lipscomb, Andrew Miller, Noah Brigman, Caitlyn Burry, Jenay Oldfield, Kathleen White, Lauren hag, Nicholas Fowler,Kameron Nelson, Ike Sain, Jordan Boles, Robert Hobbs IV, Fred Nelson, Jake Craft, Jesse Roper, Shawn Rousseau, Antione Shaw, James Neely, Cody Gilliam, Maurilio Bejarano, Megan Blaney, Heli Shah, Aidan Barrier, Anna Pope, Sheyla Funderburk, Isabella West, Ashey Perez, Vurani Elizaide, Angel Serrano, Rebecca Aguilar and Sidney Sanborn.

The young adults and adults under-belt divisions in forms and sparring proved to be not just amazing and exciting but also educational in the martial arts.  These competitors demonstrated different styles of martial arts (Korean, Japanese/Okinawan, and Kenpo) with proficiency in their manner.  First place winners in these respective divisions are: Darryl Berr, John Martin, Sherry Burr, Michael Nguyen, Zacchaeus Stanfield, Jaden Rape, Lesley Sears, Hank Phillips, Alex O'Brien, and Stephanie Green. The Jr. Black Belt divisions gave way to first place winners: Princess Huff, Ben Shan, Colby Hurst, Ezekiel Meares, Safyr Bohn and Natalie Allen. The Adult Black Belt divisions gave way to these first place winners: Elisabeth Capp, Rickie Maddox, Dale Harvey, Dr. Wendell Goins, Joe Wheeler, Ian Seals, Johnny Blackmon, and Richard Blair. The competition for Grand Champions is always very intense, interesting and exciting especially the sparring matches in which these competitors not only demonstrated control of kicks and punches but also very good sportsmanship. 

Congratulations to all competitors, and thanks to all the parents, family, friends and black belt judges who helped to make this event most memorable.  Sabumnim Charles Burris, his school, and staff always make you feel right at home and like family. 

Grand Champions
Black Belt Kata  - Ricky Maddox
18+ Black Belt Sparring – Darryl Carter
35+ Executive Black Belt Sparring – Johnny Blackmon
Runner-up – Rick Blair

School with Most Registered Competitors
Pat McDaniel, Karate at the Crossroads, Midland, NC

Next Dojo Organization sanctioned event is:
Date: June 10, 2017
Event: Martial Arts Explosion
Place: Rock Hill, SC
Sanction: AAA
Promoter: Sensei Darryl Evans: 803-389-3644